Moon Valley is an original music project led by St. Louis-based artist Gavin J. Duffy, inspired by the cultural tapestry and folklore of our world.  Gavin is joined by a group of talented and passionate musicians, all of whom bring their unique skills and experiences to the band.  As a Scottish-born immigrant, traditional American music ignited young Gavin’s passion to fuse sounds from his family's homeland with those of his new world.  Thus began a lifelong pursuit to discover the many ways in which music defines, preserves, heals and connects our human experiences. 

Formed in 2021, they draw inspiration from a wide range of genres including celtic fiddle-tunes, bluegrass, jazz, Americana, and roots-rocks.  Moon Valley creates a rich and layered sound that reflects their diverse backgrounds and shared love of music.  The group comprises skilled instrumentalists and exceptional vocalists who create captivating harmonies during their performances. Each member brings their unique voice and talent to the table, delivering outstanding vocal performances alongside their instrumental expertise.

Moon Valley's first album, "Companion Songbook," was released in 2021. The album is a collection of original songs written by Gavin Duffy.  He wrote many of the songs in a place that is dear to him, a secluded valley in Missouri where the country road that leads you to its trailhead is called "Moon Valley."  The name is fitting for their project, as it pay homage to sources of inspiration.  Their sources of inspiration include their musical influences, the vibrant river city they call home, and the relationships in their lives, all of which play a vital role in shaping their creative vision.

As they continue to evolve and experiment with their sound, Moon Valley is currently working on their second album, "Sun Mountain," which is set to be released later in 2023.


Moon Valley is: 
Gavin Duffy (mandolin, all things strings, vocals)

Patrick O'Driscoll (guitar, vocals)

Tom Souders (banjo, vocals)

Rinn Netherton (fiddle, vocals)

Ryan "Green Bean" Bouma (horns & percussion, vocals)

Simon Chervitz (bass)